Canada Express Entry

How does the Canada Express Entry Program work?

You must first familiarize yourself with the Canada Express Entry Program if you want to live and build a successful career there. Through the Express Entry System, people from any economic background who desire to immigrate to Canada can apply for a PR visa.

In order to manage the Canada PR Visa applications of all economic category immigrants, the Canadian government developed the Canada Express Entry Program in January 2015.

Economic immigrants are educated people who desire to immigrate to Canada in order to improve their lifestyle and employment opportunities. Express Entry, a very comprehensive program, is extremely important in managing the immigration intake to Canada based on a variety of different criteria.

What characteristics does the Express Entry Program have?

A unique and expedited immigration scheme based on points; the Canada Express Entry Program makes it easier for talented professionals to gain Permanent Residency in Canada. In order to choose qualified professionals and grant them access to the country as Permanent Residents, the Government of Canada has established a progressive and distinctive strategy.

Based on their Express Entry Points allotted for several variables like experience, language competency, abilities, and others, the system processes the applications of qualified immigrant candidates to migrate to Canada.

As you earn more points, your chances of being granted the ITA—Invitation to Apply for a Permanent Resident Visa—increase. Applications for PR visas submitted through this scheme are often processed in 6 to 12 months or less.

The program's main characteristics are:

✅ There is no application limit for this online program, which is available all year long.

✅ Only the Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades, and Federal Skilled Worker Programs are eligible for this program.

✅ You must submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) and complete an application for any job category listed under Skill Levels 0, A, and B.

✅ Your points total will be used to evaluate your profile, and if it passes muster, you will be included to the candidate pool.

✅ Employers and Canadian provinces will use this pool to find skills that fit their needs.

✅ An ITA for a PR visa is extended to the candidates in the pool with the highest points.

✅ The Yearly Immigration Level determines how many ITAs are made available.

How is Canada Express Entry implemented?

The main processes for applying for a Canada PR visa under the Express Entry program are listed below:

Step 1: Complete your Profile 

Filling out the digital Express Entry form and providing important documentation regarding your education, work experience, and other personal documents is the first step in the process of getting a PR visa.

Step 2: Express Entry Pool 

When a candidate’s application is approved into the pool, they are given an Express Entry Profile Number and Job Seeker Validation Code, which they can use to create their resume in the Canada Job Bank.

Step 3: Invitation to Apply 

The candidates are chosen by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to be issued the Invite to Apply after achieving the Express Entry Points in accordance with the Canada Immigration Draw.

How can I apply online for a Canada PR visa?

The required documentation for the application to become a Permanent Resident of Canada must be submitted as the final stage. Candidates who have been shortlisted have 60 days to submit their entire applications and supporting papers; failure to do so leads in the termination of the ITA (Invitation to Apply).

Visa applications are accepted for the following categories through Express Entry:

  • Federal Skilled Trade Program 
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Canadian Experience Class Program

Additionally, through the Provincial Nominee Programs, the Provinces and Territories of Canada also provide ITA to qualified immigrants in the Express Entry Pool. Every applicant that enters the pool is given a score using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) out of 1200. The distribution of points is based on a number of variables, including education level, work history, age, adaptability, language competence, and employment offer.

The best candidates are occasionally given an ITA, which gives them 60 days to complete their application for a Canada PR visa. Additionally, individuals can search for jobs in Canada by opening a Job Bank Account following the construction of an Express Entry profile. Even after coming in Canada, they can still use the Job Bank to look for employment.

The Canada Skilled Occupation List: What is it?

The Skilled Occupation List is the only aspect of your application for a Canada PR Visa that has a significant impact in addition to your CRS score. The National Occupational Classification, or NOC, is used by IRCC to classify jobs that are in high demand on the Canadian labour market. Depending on the tasks involved and the work completed by the job holder, the jobs are grouped.

The main employment categories for Canadian immigration purposes are:

“0” Skill type: This group comprises positions in management such as:

✅Mine Managers

✅Restaurant Managers

✅Shore Captains 







✅Long-haul truck drivers

✅Industrial butchers

✅Food and Beverage servers

✅Cleaning staff

✅Fruit pickers

✅Oil field workers

“A” Skill Level: Typically, a university degree is required for this group of jobs:

“B” Skill Level: Typically, this group of jobs calls for a college diploma or apprentice training:

“C” Skill Level: This group of jobs often requires a high school diploma plus job-specific training:

“D” Skill Level: OJT – on-the-job training – is typically required for these classes of labour jobs:

In order to determine whether a particular sort of work experience or employment satisfies their eligibility requirements, Canadian Immigration Express Entry Programs use the NOC. The Express Entry programs classify jobs with NOC Skill Type B, A, or 0 as skilled.

How does the calculator for Canada Express Entry Points operate?

The Canada Express Entry Points Calculator provides a general estimate of the points a candidate must earn to be eligible to immigrate to Canada. A CRS calculator determines the points based on a variety of criteria, including age, education level, work experience, language proficiency, and others.

The IRCC conducts fortnightly lotteries on a regular basis to choose individuals with the highest CRS scores. The IRCC provides the selected candidates with an ITA to proceed with their PR Visa application.

How do you determine if you are eligible for Canada Express Entry?

For Express Entry to determine your eligibility to work as a skilled worker in Canada and settle permanently, you must provide answers to a number of questions. As was previously mentioned, this system consists of three programs, each of which has specific eligibility requirements that must be met. Inquiries based on the following will be put to you:

✅ Age

✅ Work experience 

✅ Education or Skill level 

✅ Language capability  

✅ Approved job offer

Based on your responses, you will be informed about the streams that are suitable for you. You must make sure that you don’t provide any inaccurate or misleading information regarding your profile during this process.

Comprehensive instructions on the next steps to be taken are given to candidates who successfully meet the Express Entry criteria. This includes providing necessary information as well as completing a digital profile. Candidates with profiles that meet the criteria are invited to apply through ITAs and added to a pool of applicants for processing PR Visas.

How can I obtain a PR visa ITA?

Normally, the Canadian government does an Express Entry draw every two weeks. The lowest candidate who received an ITA for a Canada PR visa in that draw had to meet the minimal CRS cut-off score for that drawing, which is indicated by the lowest candidate’s CRS score. In order to complete and submit the formal online application for a PR visa, applicants who receive an invitation to apply have 60 days.

The candidates are chosen depending on how they score using the point-based CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). The Express Entry Draws have been routinely held by the Canadian Immigration Department, which also provides qualified candidates with the widest range of immigration choices. As of late, it has become customary for the IRCC to conduct at least two draws per month for the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

The Canadian government intends to accept 401,000 new immigrants from all around the world in 2021, per the published Canada Immigration Levels. Thus, ITAs will be offered across all Canadian economic immigration paths at an astoundingly increased rate this year. Express Entry drawings will provide foreign talent with the most ITAs possible.

Regarding the technical components of the Express Entry draw, it uses a points-based approach to choose the top individuals that are suited for the Canadian labor market. To be chosen based on your many qualifications—such as education, work experience, age, language competence, and others—you must achieve a high CRS score. Simply put, your chances of acquiring an ITA through Express Entry increase with your CRS score.

How can you get an ITA by increasing your CRS Points?

If you receive fewer points through Canada Express Entry, you shouldn’t be alarmed or discouraged because there are a number of ways to increase your CRS points. Here are a handful of them:

Improve your IELTS score

One of the key phases in your application for Canadian immigration is proving your language skills. All Canadian economic immigration streams expect candidates to submit reports of their IELTS or other tantamount approved language test results. In this way, on the off chance that you don’t breeze through the assessment the initial time, you can retake it while finding support from a specialist. Your CRS focuses will without a doubt get an immediate ascent therefore.

Take a French (TEF) Language Test

If you can study for a French language test, it will significantly raise your CRS ranking in the Express Entry pool by 72 points.

Upgrade your education

✅ You can pursue your post-graduation, a diploma of one year, or a master’s degree of two years if you completed your bachelor’s degree but received less points in the express admission pool.

✅ A Master’s degree procures 40 extra points in the express entry pool over a four-year certification, while a one-year postgraduate diploma could acquire 33 extra points over a four-year bachelors’ degree.

✅ A Ph.D. can add an additional 15 points to a Master’s degree.

Spousal Factors

When completing their profile, candidates for Express Entry who are not single must list their spouse or common-law partner. A maximum of 1200 points may be claimed by single applicants under CRS. However, applicants with the spouse are qualified to receive up to 40 additional points for the spouse’s abilities. Therefore, if your spouse has greater credentials than you do, it is advised that they apply first and receive bonus points.

Education Level

Your spouse may claim a maximum of 10 points for their schooling. To demonstrate the worth of their Canadian education, you must obtain World Education Services’ evaluation of their credentials. The maximum number of points are awarded to your spouse for education that is equivalent to a Master’s degree or above in Canada.

Job Offer

✅ In the Express Entry Program, arranged employment that has been approved by the LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) can raise your CRS scores by 50 to 200 points.

✅ You can get 50 or 200 points in the express entry program depending on your NOC code skill level “OO,” “A,” “O,” or “B.”

✅Skill Levels A, O, and B gain 50 points each, while Skill Level “OO” gains 200 points.

Thus, finding a job offer from Canada can be crucial to getting a permanent residency visa. You can do this by using the job bank site, which is available through the express entry program.

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