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According to the unique economic requirements of the province, candidates for immigration to Manitoba are selected through the MPNP or Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. The program strives to be responsive to the province’s wider economic interests as well as its labor market demands. These goals are frequently communicated to potential candidates via the list of occupations in demand, which is routinely updated.


Under MPNP, there are four main immigration pathways:

✅ Skilled Worker Overseas Pathway

✅ Skilled Worker in Manitoba Pathway

✅ Business Investor Pathway

✅ International Education Pathway


Additionally, the Manitoba PNP is in favor of candidates for the francophone skilled worker immigration track making trial visits. It is intended to help them settle into the province soon after they arrive.

What do the various immigration streams under the NSNP entail?

Below is a quick summary of each of the more general Manitoba immigration routes.

Skilled Worker in Manitoba Pathway

The Manitoba Pathway SWM – Skilled Worker is based on the specific requirements of the province’s employers. It selects individuals with the necessary abilities who have received training abroad and nominates them for a Canada PR visa. Candidates that have a strong connection for the province of Manitoba are given preference under this immigration stream, which is further broken into two subcategories:

a) Pathway Manitoba Work Experience 

Candidates who are presently employed in Manitoba under a Provisional Work Visa fall under this category. It includes temporary employees and foreign graduates of Canadian post-secondary institutions.

b) Pathway Employer Direct Recruitment 

This stream is for international candidates who have job offers from recognized Manitoban employers.

Skilled Worker Overseas Pathway

There is a specific expedited Entry stream for the SWO – Skilled Worker Overseas Immigration Pathway as well as a straight Provincial stream. It aims to recruit trained and skilled individuals from abroad for jobs in Manitoba that are in high demand. Priority is given to applicants and spouses with close family ties. Language ability, education, and work experience are among top priorities for getting jobs swiftly.

a) Pathway Express Entry Manitoba

This route is for foreign applicants who meet the requirements for Express Entry, are eligible through another MPNP stream, and have an Express Entry profile that is currently active. Candidates must have a close family connection to Manitoba as well as experience, education, and abilities in one of the In-Demand Occupations.

b) Pathway Human Capital 

This route is intended for foreign employees with specialized knowledge in one of Manitoba’s In-Demand Occupations. Additionally, they must demonstrate their ability to get work as soon as they arrive in Manitoba.

International Education Pathway

Graduates of Manitoban universities and colleges who are from abroad are eligible for this pathway. There is no longer a need for candidates seeking an MPNP candidacy to work for six months in their field. There are 3 subcategories within it:

a) Pathway Career Employment 

STEM graduates from abroad can expedite their nomination through the IES Pathway Career Employment program. STEM stands for Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, and Science. The innovative element must be influenced by their internships. It is not necessary for overseas graduate applicants to have worked for six months prior to applying if they have a job offer in one of Manitoba’s In-Demand Occupations.

b) Pathway Graduate Internship 

Doctorate and post-graduate degree holders are the target audience for the Pathway Graduate Internship. Through internships that support Manitoban industry innovation, their nomination is expedited. Graduates who have successfully completed Elevate or Mitacs Accelerate internships are eligible to apply. An employment offer is not required.

c) Pathway Student Entrepreneur 

For international students who have graduated from Manitoba-based colleges and want to start a business there, there is the Pathway Student Entrepreneur programme. Before being nominated for a Canada PR Visa, the applicants must satisfy the terms of the Business Performance Agreement.

Business Investor Pathway

For qualifying foreign business owners and investors, there is the Pathway Business Investor. The candidates are initially given a Provisional Work Visa and are expected to be able to start or buy a business in Manitoba after arriving there and within two years. There are two subcategories within it:

a) Pathway Entrepreneur

Candidates who are originally given a Provisional Work Visa and intend to launch a business in the province should follow this route. After the development of a business that satisfies the requirements of the Business Performance Agreement, nomination for a Canada PR visa is made available to them. Priority is given to applicants who establish a business outside of Winnipeg.

b) Pathway Farm Investor

Candidates who want to establish and run a farm in a rural area of Manitoba should follow this route. At first, a Provisional Work Visa is provided. After the establishment of a business that satisfies the requirements of the Business Performance Agreement, nomination for a Canada PR visa is made available to them.

How Cic Immigration news help you

How are MPNP points calculated?

Based on a points system, Manitoba selects and recommends qualified applicants for admission to the province and permanent residence. After receiving the Certificate of Provincial Nomination, candidates who achieve the necessary minimum points on the Manitoba immigration points calculator can apply for a Canada permanent residence visa.

For the MPNP category Skilled Worker, candidates must first receive 60 out of a possible 100 points in order to be qualified. They receive points based on the following five criteria:

Calculations are:

PointsLanguage Proficiency: Factor 1 
 First language (French or English) 
20Level 8 CLB or higher / innate speaker 
18Level 7 CLB 
16Level 6 CLB 
14Level 5 CLB 
12Level 4 CLB 
0Level 3 CLB or lesser 
 Second language (French or English) 
5Level 5 CLB or higher 
PointsAge: Factor 2 
418 years 
619 years 
820 years 
1021 to 45 years 
846 years 
647 years 
448 years 
249 years 
050 years or older 
PointsWork Experience (in the previous 5 years): Factor 3 
0Less than 1 year 
81 year
102 years
123 years
154 or more years
PointsEducation: Factor 4
25Doctorate or Master’s
232 post-secondary programs of each minimum 2 years
201 post-secondary program of 2 years duration or longer
141 post-secondary program of 1-year duration
14Certification in Trade
0Nil post-secondary education
PointsAdaptability: Factor 5
20Close relation in Manitoba
20ITA obtained from MPNP through exploratory visit or recruitment mission
12Prior work experience in Manitoba (minimum 6 six months)
12Finished 2-years or more duration Post-secondary program in Manitoba
10Completed post-secondary program of at least one year in Manitoba
Finished minimum 1-year duration Post-secondary program in Manitoba
10Distant relative or Friend residing in Manitoba
5Bonus: Intent to live outside of Winnipeg

The Candidates are eligible to apply through the MPNP Skilled Worker Pathway if they receive at least 60 out of a possible 100 points. They must then submit an EOI, or Express of Interest, and are again graded using a 1000-point ranking system. The Provincial Nomination Certificate is given to the candidates who receive the highest scores from the pool of applicants. Then they can submit an application for their Canada PR visa.

Proficiency in Language, Education, Work Experience, Age, Flexibility, and Risk Evaluation are the six criteria used to evaluate candidates. The final component contains points that could lower your overall score.

MPNP Points Calculator

Ranking PointsAssessment Factor
 Language Proficiency: Factor 1
 First Official Language
25 for each bandLevel 8 CLB or higher
22 for each bandLevel 7 CLB
20 for each bandLevel 6 CLB 6
17 for each bandLevel 5 CLB
12 for each bandLevel 4 CLB
0Level 3 CLB or lower
 Second Official Language
25Level 5 CLB or greater (overall)
125Factor 1 Maximum Points
 Age: Factor 2
2018 years
3019 years
4020 years
7521 to 45 years
4046 years
3047 years
2048 years
1049 years
050 years or older
75Factor 2 Maximum Points
 Work Experience: Factor 3
0Fewer than 1 year
40One year
50Two years
60Three years
75Four or more years
100Completely endorsed by the provincial authorizing body
175Factor 3 Maximum Points
 Education: Factor 4
125or Doctorate or Masters degree
1152 post-secondary programs of each minimum 2 years
1101 post-secondary program of 3 years duration or longer
1001 post-secondary program of 2 years duration
701 post-secondary program of 1-year duration
70Certificate of Trade
0Nil official post-secondary instruction
125Factor 4 Maximum Points
 Adaptability: Factor 5
200Close relation in Manitoba
100Earlier employment experience in Manitoba (6 or more months)
100Finished a post-secondary program in Manitoba (Two or more years)
50Finished a post-secondary program in Manitoba (1 year)
50Distant relative or Close friend in Manitoba
 Manitoba Demand
Continuing work in Manitoba for 6 or more months with a long-standing job offer from the same employer
500ITA through a Strategic Initiative
 Regional Development
50Immigration location in Manitoba is out of Winnipeg
500Factor 5 Maximum Points
 Risk Assessment: Factor 6
0Close relation in the alternative province and nil close relation in MB
-100Employment experience in the alternative province
-100Education in the alternative province
0Earlier immigration application to the alternative province
-200Factor 6 Maximum Points
 Maximum Overall Points: 1000

What professions are in demand in Manitoba?

The MPNP is locally oriented and based on the needs of Manitoba companies. It selects skilled foreign individuals with experience and training who meet the local labor market’s requirements. To more effectively identify applicants in the MPNP pool who can meet the demands of the companies in Manitoba, the MPNP designates Occupation In-Demand. The list of the MPNP In-Demand Occupations is updated frequently.

A few of the jobs on the in-demand list are exclusive to MPNP skilled streams. Each immigration pathway has a list of specific sub-streams, and applicants must meet the standards and criteria for each one. Candidates working in in-demand professions will be given preference during EOI – Expression of Interest draws.

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