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The province of Ontario, which lies in the center of Canada, is the most well-known entry point for immigrants from the outside. Both the nation’s capital, Ottawa, and the country’s economic center, Toronto City, are located there. The province of Ontario is well known for its celebration of multiculturalism, and Toronto has gained the title of being the most multicultural city in the world.


The Ontario Provincial Nominee Program is the name of Ontario’s provincial nominee program. In order to address the province’s labor market needs and boost its economy, Ontario uses this program to grant Permanent Residence to a chosen group of immigrant applicants.


OINP assists employers in Ontario with their human resource needs by facilitating the migration of skilled, professional, and managerial foreign workers and foreign students. In cooperation with the federal immigration body Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the Ontario government runs the program.


Candidates that are interested in moving to the province must go through a two-stage process:

✅Submit a nomination request to the Ontario government;

✅If the province recommends you, submit an application for permanent residence to the federal government of Canada.

What are the various immigration options available under the Ontario PNP?

Multiple immigration routes make up the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program (OINP), which enables foreign nationals to receive the Canada PR Visa. The Ontario PNP has been carefully created to draw immigrants to the province in areas where there is a scarcity of labor, such as skilled workers, investors, and entrepreneurs.

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program oversees the Employer Job Offer, Human Capital, and Business Immigration streams. Each stream is divided into a number of smaller groups.

Candidates may immediately apply for an Ontario nomination for one of five streams. All three of the sub-streams under the Employer Job Offer stream and two of the sub-streams under the Overseas Student stream are included in this.

Ontario Provincial Nominee Program The province of Ontario also runs three Express Entry-aligned streams for candidates who meet the prerequisites. These include knowledge, training, language proficiency, and the capacity to successfully settle in Ontario in order to advance its economy.

The Entrepreneur Category enjoys a special status among Ontario’s immigration programs because it only takes Expressions of Interest. Candidates who are interested must wait to be chosen and to be sent an application invitation; they cannot apply for a nomination directly. However, they are not required to have a current Express Entry profile, and as a result, they are also not required to meet the standards of any federal immigration program.

Human Capital Program Ontario

The Human Capital Program of Ontario includes a number of immigration categories that seek out applicants needed for the province’s workforce. These streams place a high value on experience, aptitudes, or talents that show an immigrant’s ease of integration into the Ontario job market. Immigrants who fit the criteria listed below, including having Express Entry profiles, having completed their education or employment in the province, and speaking both French and English fluently, are more likely to succeed:

  • Express Entry – Human Capital Priorities
  • Express Entry Skilled Worker French Speaking
  • Express Entry – Skilled Trades
  • Graduate – Masters
  • Graduate – PhD

Employer Job Offer Program Ontario

Applicants with a legitimate work offer from a company in the province are eligible to apply through Ontario’s employer job offer immigration streams. To be accepted as valid, the job offer and the employer must both meet certain requirements. The candidate must also meet certain eligibility requirements based on the stream to which they want to apply.

  • Overseas Worker
  • Overseas Student having a Job Offer
  • Skills In-Demand

Business Immigration Program Ontario

Wealthy corporations and entrepreneurs who are interested in making sizable investments for business development in the province are the target audience for Ontario’s business migration streams. In Ontario, corporations and entrepreneurs with a proven track record of success are eligible to launch new businesses. If these projects are a success, the applicants engaged will be considered for a Canada PR visa.

  • Entrepreneur 
  • Investor – (Currently Closed)
  • Corporate – (Currently Closed) 
How Cic Immigration news help you

Ontario PNP draws

Ontario holds a draw for the OINP every month. It periodically sends Express Entry pool candidates NOI – Notifications of Interest and invites them to apply for nomination through one of the OINP streams associated with Express Entry. Following the draws, each search’s technique and specifics are revealed.

How long does it take to process an Ontario PNP?

Two periods can be distinguished in the OINP processing time:

  • The length of time it takes the province of Ontario to make the nomination.
  • The length of time required to process and provide a Canada PR Visa.

The majority of the province’s immigration streams are expected to take between 90 and 60 days to process, according to current projections. Within 60 to 30 days, applications for Express Entry Skilled Trades are processed. The length of time it takes to process each Business immigration application depends on how complicated it is.

Currently, non-Express Entry nomination applications from the provinces are processed by IRCC at the federal level in 19 to 15 months. For the streams that are in line with Express Entry, the customary average of six months is still in effect.

What are the prerequisites for OINP applications?

The mandatory Ontario PNP requirements for the HCP stream are as follows:

Suitable Work Experience

You must have a minimum of one year of continuous, full-time, paid work experience. Additionally, the experience must fall under one of the NOC’s three skill categories—B, 0 or A—as listed on the list of national occupations.

The work experience must have been acquired within the last five years of the date on which your OINP application was submitted. Additionally, the occupation must match the one you listed in your Express Entry profile.

Education Level

A graduate, post-graduate, or doctoral degree is required. An Educational Credential Assessment ECA Report must also be submitted if the degree was earned outside of Canada.

Knowledge of a Language

You must demonstrate proficiency in all four IELTS skills—speaking, listening, writing, and reading—at a level of at least 6 bands. Either French or English could be used to write it.

Statement of Funds 

The financial proof shows that you will have enough money upon arrival and settlement in Ontario to sustain yourself and, if any, any dependent family members. Statements from your bank account, mutual funds, or fixed deposits, if any, can be produced.


When you submit your application to Ontario, you must be younger than 49 years old.

Settlement Plan If you have applied via the OINP, you must present a settlement plan that demonstrates your sincere desire to establish a permanent residence in the province of Ontario.

Which professions are in demand in Ontario?

All of the occupations on the province’s In-Demand Occupation List that urgently need qualified people to fill labor market gaps are those that are in high demand in Ontario. To alleviate the need of brilliant and professional workers in the province, OINP invites thousands of skilled immigrants each year.

Every year, the OINP Occupation in Demand list is released. This makes it possible for foreign workers to apply for the desired position and helps Ontario companies select suitable applicants for nomination.

How are Ontario PNP points calculated?

Prior to applying through the HCP stream, you must first meet the OINP Points requirement of 67 points and have a sufficient Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score. After earning the required number of OINP points, you can build your Express Entry profile. After that, it will be added to the Express Entry Pool together with the profiles of all other qualified applicants. The CRS score is then determined. The Ontario PNP minimum CRS score is set by the provincial immigration authorities.

The OINP points calculator is designed to help immigrant candidates calculate their CRS scores, which are based on a variety of variables, including as age, education, and job experience. If you achieve the required points, you will be sent a NOI—Notification of Interest—to apply for an Ontario nomination. The candidates are allowed to apply for an Ontario nomination under NOI.


Scoring SectionsPoints
French and/or English skills28
Arranged employment in Canada10

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