Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) Latest Draw

Saskatchewan PNP Draws

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) comprises several Canadian immigration pathways designed to attract foreign skilled workers and young professionals seeking Permanent Residence status. Its primary goal is to enhance the employment sector by enabling Canadian employers to hire foreign skilled workers, semi-skilled workers, professionals with job offers, and entrepreneurs.

Prediction for the Next Saskatchewan PNP Draw in 2023

The Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) typically holds invitation rounds approximately every two months, with the frequency, size, and date of the upcoming draw in 2023 determined based on the requirements of the SINP application inventory.

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP), which was founded in 1998, endeavors to tackle economic and labor market shortages in the province by utilizing immigration.

Since its inception, the SINP has achieved significant success, with seven out of every ten newcomers to Saskatchewan choosing to immigrate through this program. Known as Canada’s Breadbasket, the province of Saskatchewan boasts a high employment rate (73%) and even higher retention rates (85%) of newcomers who opt to stay and settle in the province.

Saskatchewan is a favored destination for immigrants, and the provincial government offers swift and accessible immigration pathways for those looking to study, work, and establish their lives in the province. Currently, there are four options available for individuals who wish to immigrate to Saskatchewan: [Provide details of the four immigration options here]. Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program.

Saskatchewan PNP latest draw

The Saskatchewan PNP’s latest draw was held on June 08, 2023. A total of 500 ITAs was issued to SINP candidates with a minimum of 69 CRS points required.

Date of EOI Draw – 08.06.2023

Number of ITAs issued – 500

Minimum Points required – 69

Saskatchewan PNP Latest Draw 2023

DateNumber of invitationsMinimum Points RequiredCategory
June 08, 202326869Express Entry
23269Occupations In-Demand
May 18, 202378467Express Entry
26067Occupations In-Demand
May 03, 202373968Express Entry
29368Occupations In-Demand
April 20, 202362369Express Entry
44469Occupations In-Demand
March 23, 202318482Express Entry
31282Occupations In-Demand
February 16, 202324284Express Entry
18484Occupations In-Demand
165For Ukraine

Saskatchewan PNP Latest Draw 2022

DateNumber of invitationsMinimum Points RequiredCategory
December 21, 202215380Express Entry
December 21, 202231580Occupations In-Demand
December 15, 202234882Express Entry
December 15, 202228582Occupations In-Demand
December 15, 2022262For Ukraine
November 08, 20221069Express Entry
November 08, 20222169Occupations In-Demand
November 08, 2022464
September 28, 202263983Express Entry
September 28, 202250783Occupations In-Demand
September 15, 20225360Express Entry
September 15, 202227360Occupations In-Demand
September 07, 202252170Express Entry
September 07, 202242270Occupations In-Demand
September 06, 202214360Express Entry
September 06, 202224060Occupations In-Demand
September 06, 202218969Express Entry
September 06, 202221869Occupations In-Demand
September 01, 202231261Express Entry
September 01, 202262961Occupations In-Demand
August 25, 202229565Express Entry
August 25, 202233465Occupations In-Demand
August 18, 202241667Express Entry
August 18, 202225267Occupations In-Demand
August 11, 202243368Express Entry
August 11, 202231268Occupation-in-Demand
July 27, 202227968Express Entry
July 27, 202246968Occupation-in-Demand
July 21, 202279768Express Entry
July 14, 202243069Express Entry
July 6, 202227973Express Entry
May 05, 202227973Express Entry
March 08, 20223987Express Entry
January 12, 20223768Express Entry

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Immigration offers a variety of programs to enter into Canada by holding permanent residency of Study.

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