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The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program provides applicants with a path to immigration.

The province can:

➡ Invite non-Canadians who want to move to Saskatchewan to submit applications for permanent residence under the Canada PR program.

➡ Submit to the Federal Government the applications of successful candidates for Canadian permanent residence.

The first step to becoming a permanent resident of Saskatchewan is to get a nomination through SINP. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) then process the applications that SINP has accepted for permanent residence in Canada.

What various PNP immigration categories exist in Saskatchewan?

In accordance with the Saskatchewan PNP, the province is able to submit candidates for PR visas to the Government of Canada in the following categories:

✅Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker Program

✅Saskatchewan Experience Program

✅Saskatchewan Business Immigration Program

To accommodate a wide variety of immigrant applicants, these immigration paths are further divided into numerous sub-streams.

International Skilled Worker Category – Saskatchewan

Three sub-streams make up the International Skilled Worker Category:

 ➡ Sub-Category Saskatchewan Employment Offer

 ➡ Sub-Category Saskatchewan Occupation-In-Demand

 ➡ Sub-Category Saskatchewan Express Entry

Expression of Interest (EOI) is the system used by the Saskatchewan Express Entry and Occupation-In-Demand sub-streams.

Saskatchewan Employment Offer  

This sub stream of Saskatchewan immigration is available to skilled workers who have a job offer for a skilled occupation in the province. It is open to both Canadians and international candidates with proof of legal status.

Saskatchewan Occupation-In-Demand 

Those with high skill levels in a profession in demand in Saskatchewan but without an employment offer can apply for this sub-stream under the Saskatchewan PNP. SINP publishes a list of the professions that are excluded from this sub-stream. This sub-category is open to both candidates inside and outside of Canada who can provide proof of their legal status.

Saskatchewan Express Entry 

A skilled professional may participate in this sub stream if he or she is a member of the federal Express Entry pool and is interested in working and living in Saskatchewan. Candidates from within and outside of Canada may apply for this sub-category, as long as they can prove their legal status.

The following criteria must be met by applicants to be eligible for the Saskatchewan Sub-Category Express Entry Sub-Category: ​

Have a profile in the Express Entry pool with a job seeker validation code and Profile number.

Achieve 60 or more points on SINP’s points assessment grid.

Present legitimate language test results from an authorized organization that match the results listed in the Express Entry profile.

Have effectively finished an extended apprenticeship, preparing, or educational program at a post-secondary foundation that is equivalent to the Canadian education system and prompts a degree, diploma, or certificate.

An Educational Credential Assessment must be performed on diplomas and degrees received outside of Canada.

Have at least one of the minimum amounts of experience outlined below in your field of work, training, or education:

Inside the past decade, one year of work insight in a skilled (non-exchanges) occupation

Possess work experience in a high-skilled NOC occupation 0, B, or A that is not on the list of ineligible occupations. 

2 years of work experience in a skilled trade in the previous 5 years; or 

1 year of work experience in Canada (non-trades and trades) in the previous 3.

If your occupation is a skilled craft or is regulated in Saskatchewan, you should obtain the appropriate licensing. A declaration from the Saskatchewan Trade Certification and Apprenticeship Commission is vital for skilled trades.

Have a settlement plan and financial documentation.

Saskatchewan Experience Category

Skilled Worker having Existing Work Permit 

Skilled individuals with a valid work permit and at least six months of employment in Saskatchewan are eligible for this sub-stream.

Semi-Skilled Agriculture Worker having Existing Work Permit 

This sub-stream is open to semi-skilled agricultural employees who have a valid work permit and have been employed in Saskatchewan for at least six months.

Health Professional 

Applying for this sub-stream is open to nurses, doctors, and other health professionals who have worked in Saskatchewan for at least six months and who possess a current provisional work permit.

Hospitality Sector Pilot Project 

Applicants for this sub-stream must be foreign nationals who have been employed in Saskatchewan for at least six months in one of the three professions.

Long Haul Truck Drivers 

Long-haul truck drivers who are employed in Saskatchewan and have a current Provisional Work Permit are eligible to apply for a permanent resident visa under this sub-stream.

Saskatchewan Student Stream 

Students from abroad who have completed post-secondary education in Canada or the Saskatchewan province are eligible to apply for this sub-stream. There are two further subcategories within it:

Students who have earned their degrees from a Canadian institution or a Saskatchewan-based institution.

Saskatchewan Business Immigration


In accordance with the Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Sub-Category, candidates and their families are allowed to acquire, launch, or work together in a business in the province. Applicants must live in Saskatchewan and be actively involved in the management of the business. There are 3 steps in the procedure:

  • EOI – Expression of interest
  • Invite to submit an application
  • Nomination

Successful candidates receive a Provisional Work Permit when they enter Canada. After establishing their business in the province for six months, they are eligible to submit an application for a nomination.

International Graduate Entrepreneur

The Saskatchewan International Graduate Entrepreneur Sub-Category intends to support foreign students who graduate from Saskatchewan-based universities in staying in the province as entrepreneurs and attracting funding for their ventures.

Farm Operators/Owners

This Saskatchewan subcategory is open to applicants with farming experience who want to own and run a farm in the province. For young farmers who want to start businesses in Saskatchewan, it also offers a road to success.

The Canada PR Visa is directly offered to selected individuals. While their PR Visa application is being processed, certain individuals can also enter Saskatchewan with a Provisional Work Permit.

Saskatchewan PNP Draws   

The province of Saskatchewan holds the Saskatchewan PNP draw on a regular basis. Through the drawings, it searches for applicants in the IRCC Express Entry pool who can meet the requirements of any of the Express Entry-aligned Saskatchewan immigration streams. A personal invitation to live and work in Saskatchewan is extended by SINP to candidates in the Express Entry pool.

How are Saskatchewan PNP points calculated?

The SINP Points Calculator, otherwise known as the Saskatchewan Nomination Assessment Grid, is utilized to decide whether candidates are qualified under the SINP. Since the assessment is focused on talents, it helps Saskatchewan Province welcome skilled immigrants.

The maximum number of points on the evaluation grid is 110. A candidate must receive a minimum of 60 points to be accepted into the program. To prove they have earned the required 60 points, candidates must provide supporting documentation with their SINP application.

Candidates’ Expressions of Interest are ranked using the SINP scoring matrix. The challenge to present an application for SINP is probably going to be reached out to applicants with the most elevated scores.

The Saskatchewan Province maintains the right to use additional criteria to prioritize candidate selection if many candidates receive the same scores. Candidates with a connection to the province’s past education, experience, or a family are given preference in this situation by SINP. Candidates with higher language scores and more years of work experience will be given priority by SINP if there are still numerous candidates with the same scores.

Candidates are given points under the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program based on the following five criteria:


You must be under 50 years old at the time of or prior to submitting an application to SINP. For this factor, a maximum of 12 points may be obtained.

0> 18 years
818 – 21 years
1222 – 34 years
1035 – 45 years
846 -50 years
0< 50 years
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You must have a strong academic background from a reputable university or tertiary institution. Nevertheless, depending on the occupation, specialty and educational requirements may vary. For this factor, a maximum of 23 points may be earned.


Sl. NoQualificationPoints
1Doctorate or Masters degree23
2A three or more years degree program or Bachelor’s degree20
3Certification for Trade20
4Canadian equivalent Diploma that needs 2 but less than 3 years at a Trade or Technical school, College, or University15
5Canadian equivalent Certificate or minimum 2 semesters but less than a 2-year Program12



You must have at least three years of meaningful, compensated, full-time work experience in the profession for which you are applying. The calculation of points only considers experience from the last five years. Your claimed job experience must be relevant to the one profession you specified in your application. For this factor, a maximum of 15 points may be obtained.

five years prior to the application submission date, skilled work experience.

10 points5 Years
8 points4 Years
6 points3 Years
4 points2 Years
2 points1 Year

Skilled employment in the six to ten years prior to the application submission date.

05 points5 Years
04 points4 Years
03 points3 Years
02 points2 Years
01 points1 Year

✅Language Proficiency

Before you may receive credit for your proficiency in the English language, you must meet the standards. For this factor, a maximum of 20 points may be earned.

PointsIELTS score in CLB
20CLB 8 and plus
18CLB 7
16CLB 6
14CLB 5
12CLB 4
0CLB 3


You should be aware that flexibility is not a must, but if you meet the criteria, you will receive bonus points. For this factor, a maximum of 30 points may be obtained.

20Close family relation in Saskatchewan
5Previous work experience in Saskatchewan
5Previous study experience in Saskatchewan

What are the most in-demand professions in Saskatchewan?

To qualify for SINP Express Entry, you must have at least one year of full-time work experience in a NOC Level 0, B, or A level occupation. If the occupation is listed on the Excluded SINP Occupation in Demand List, it will not be considered eligible.

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