Canada facilitates the permanent residency of physicians

Canada facilitates the permanent residency of physicians

Canada facilitates the permanent residency of physicians

Doctors from other countries who are currently on temporary visas in Canada are now able to seek for permanent residency under the Express Entry program.

A “fee-for-service” payment arrangement, which differs from the usual employer-employee relationship, is used by many physicians in Canada.

They are ineligible for Express Entry since they are regarded as self-employed. Not all applicants who are self-employed are ineligible.


A applicant may still be qualified for an Express Entry program if they have at least one year of work experience in Canada or overseas. The pandemic has made an already severe physician shortage in Canada much worse.

The healthcare industry in Canada currently has a job vacancy rate of close to 6%. Around 4,300 permanent residents had been admitted as part of the road from temporary residence to permanent residence as of June 2022.

The removal of this obstacle, according to Minister of Immigration Sean Fraser, will send a message to doctors that they are welcome to remain in Canada.

Foreign-born doctors have been particularly helpful in keeping families healthy and caring for our aging population in my native province, Fraser said.

They quickly become our neighbours, friends, and fellow community leaders since their skills are valuable resources for our neighbourhood. Relocating doctors to Nova Scotia or other regions of the country is a win-win situation.

By making it simpler for them to select Canada as their country of residence permanently, the steps announced today send a message to these doctors that we want them to stay


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