Australia Study Visa Processing Time Reduced

Australia-Study-Visa-Processing-Time -Reduced

Australia Study Visa Processing Time Reduced : The Australian government has made progress in speeding up the time it takes to process various commonly applied-for visas.

The Department of Home Affairs recently announced that they will improving the efficiency of Australia’s immigration systems and procedures on social media.

The time it takes to review and grant visa requests has significantly decreased as a result of Visa Application.

The department said , “Our primary goal is to handle the backlog of visa applications.

Our goal is to speed up the time  to process visas. We are increasing the personnel that manages these applications in order to accomplish we’re committed to bringing in more team members to assist in this essential task.

Visa ProgramVisa CategoryJune 2023


Skilled (Permanent)


Partner (First Stage)



7 Months


5 Months




Skilled (Temporary)






Working Holiday Maker



11 Days


10 Days


1 Day


Less than 1 Day


Faster Visa Processing in Australia

Getting your hands on popular Australian visas like the Study Visa, Visitor Visa, and Temporary Skilled Worker Visa has become quicker than ever. These visas are now being processed in just a matter of days! Check out the table below for the latest* median processing times for important visa types.

Understanding Visa Processing Data

When we talk about processing times, we’re looking at the combined figures for specific categories. Each category includes various subcategories. As we work towards reducing the visa backlog, our resources are now directed towards handling applications both within and outside of Australia.

This approach aims to further decrease the number of pending applications.Official data reveals a noteworthy decrease of 62 percent in the number of active Australia Study Visa applications compared to the same period in 2022. As a result  decrease, approximately 48,800 applications are presently awaiting processing. also, temporary visa applications have undergone a substantial drop of 73 percent, decreasing from over 600,000 on June 30, 2022, to slightly above 161,000 by June 30, 2023.

Immigrants coming from India still hold the position of being Australia’s second-largest group of international students. By May 2023, the count of international students enrolled in Australian courses had reached 608,942. A noteworthy fraction of this total, which amounts to over 98,000 students, comes from India.

Whether you’re looking into short-term visa options or planning for a longer duration, the revised processing timeframe brings positive tidings for immigrants aspiring to study, work, or pursue permanent residency in Australia.

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