British Columbia 184 Invitations in the Latest BC-PNP Tech Draw

British Columbia 184 Invitations in the Latest BC-PNP Tech Draw has, over the years, carved a niche for itself as a hotspot for tech professionals. The province’s forward-looking approach to immigration was once again in the limelight with the BC-PNP Tech Draw held on October 11, 2023.

Overview of the October BC-PNP Tech Draw

Amid the picturesque landscapes of BC lies a buzzing tech sector. To foster this burgeoning ecosystem, the province organized a multi-faceted BC-PNP Tech Draw focusing on tech professionals and other key sectors like healthcare and education.

DRAW 1: The Core Tech Appeal
Draw Type: BCPNP Tech Draw
Invitations: 118
Minimum Score for Various Streams:
SI – Skilled Worker: 90
EEBC – Skilled Worker: 90
SI – International Graduate: 90
EEBC – International Graduate: 90

DRAW 2: Spotlight on Early Childhood Educators
Draw Type: Targeted Draw
Occupation in Focus: Early childhood educators and Assistants (NOC 42202)
Invitations: 45, across various categories
Minimum Score: 60

DRAW 3: Healthcare Front and Centre
Draw Type: Targeted Draw
Occupation in Focus: Healthcare
Invitations: 17, spreading across diverse categories
Minimum Score: 60

DRAW 4: Miscellaneous Priority Occupations
Draw Type: Targeted Draw
Occupation in Focus: Other Priority Occupations (NOCs 31003, 32104)
Invitations: Fewer than 5, spanning several categories
Minimum Score: 60

BC PNP Tech Stream: Your Gateway to the Tech Hub

Navigating the BC PNP Tech Stream might seem challenging, but with the right steps, the journey can be simplified:

Verify Eligibility: Kickstart your quest by ensuring you fit the bill in terms of the eligibility criteria.

Profile Creation: Set the wheels in motion by crafting a profile on the BC PNP Online portal. This is your formal nod indicating your eagerness.

Invitation Anticipation: With periodic invites being rolled out, keep an eye out for the golden ITA.

Straightforward Application: Candidates meeting the Health Worker or International Post-Graduate stream norms can directly dive into application submission on the BC PNP Online portal, sans any prior registration.

Registering for BC PNP: The Blueprint

Embarking on the BC PNP journey? Here’s the road map:

Create an Online Avatar: Commence by spawning an online presence via the BCPNP Online platform.

Accurate Registration: Pour in authentic and complete details during the registration phase.

Wait for the Magic (ITA) to Happen: If your profile resonates with the province’s requirements, an ITA will be on its way.

Elaborate Application: On obtaining the ITA, gear up for a detailed application submission.

Fee Submission: A government fee pegged at CAD $1475 wraps up the registration.

Once successfully vetted, nominees can envision a Canadian permanent residency in their near future. Moreover, a work permit support letter might accompany the nomination, ensuring professionals can


British Columbia’s BC-PNP Tech Draw is a testament to the province’s commitment to bolstering its tech domain. By integrating diverse sectors into the draws, BC echoes its aim of a multi-faceted growth trajectory. With streamlined processes, tech professionals and other skilled workers globally can envisage a promising future in British Columbia. immigration processing phase.

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