Prince Edward Island's Latest PNP Draw 157 Applicants Invited

Prince Edward Island’s Latest PNP Draw 157 Applicants Invited

Prince Edward Island’s Latest PNP Draw 157 Applicants Invited In September 2023, the Prince Edward Island (PEI) Office of Immigration conducted its 16th Expression of Interest (EOI) draw, revealing some interesting results. During this draw, a total of 157 applicants received invitations to proceed further in the immigration process. Out of this group, 4 candidates belonged to the Business Work Permit Entrepreneur Category, and they needed to meet a minimum score of 80 points for eligibility. The remaining 153 individuals were fortunate recipients of invitations through the Labour and Express Entry Invitation streams.

For those who secured employment with a Prince Edward Island (PEI) employer and possessed a minimum Expression of Interest (EOI) score of 55, the September 21, 2023 draw brought good news. They were granted Invitations to Apply (ITAs) through the Critical Worker Stream.

Here are the key details of the PEI draws held on July 20, 2023:

Category: Business Work Permit Entrepreneur

Invitations Issued: 4
Minimum Point: 80

Category: Labour & Express Entry

Invitations Issued: 153

If you’re considering applying for the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP), here’s a simplified guide on how to go about it:

Step 1 – Determine Eligibility: Start by assessing your eligibility for the PEI PNP. Make sure you meet the program’s requirements.

Step 2 – Express Entry Profile: To qualify for the PEI PNP, you must have an active Express Entry profile in the Express Entry Pool.

Step 3 – Create a PEI Expression of Interest (EOI) Profile: Express your interest in the program by setting up a PEI Expression of Interest (EOI) profile. This signals your intention to apply.

Step 4 – Await an Invitation to Apply (ITA): Once your EOI profile is active, patiently wait for an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from the PEI PNP authorities. ITAs are sent to eligible candidates.

Step 5 – Document Preparation and Submission: After receiving an ITA, prepare your application documents as per the provided checklist. Don’t forget to submit the necessary fees along with your application.

Step 6 – Timely Application Submission: You must submit your application for permanent residency in Canada, including the required fees, within 180 days of receiving the nomination from the province.

Step 7 – Passport Submission: Once you receive the Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) request, visit the Visa Application Centre to submit your passport.

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